Recognition and rewards of education

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Het Trippenhuis, Kloveniersburgwal 27, 1011 JV Amsterdam

You are invited to join this event on the 1st of July on recognition & rewards of education. ComeniusNetwerk, Universities of the Netherlands (UNL) and the Advancing Teaching Network led by Ruth Graham connect their networks to discuss questions regarding recognitition and rewards of teaching.

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How can universities value education?

Education is central to the role of a university. However, education in universities is often considered to be a chore that takes away time from research. How can we better recognize and reward educational competencies in academia? And how does this relate to career advancement on the basis of teaching prowess? More and more universities aim to implement ‘Recognition & Reward’ policies. But how can we successfully implement this? How can teaching and research be meaningfully balanced? How can we stimulate and support the continuous development of educators beyond existing qualifications? 

You are kindly invited to join this afternoon event on the 1st of July on recognition & rewards of education. ComeniusNetwerk, Universities of the Netherlands (UNL), The Young Academy and the Advancing Teaching Network led by Ruth Graham connect their networks to discuss the most pressing questions regarding recognition and rewards of teaching. In this, the teachers’ perspective is point of departure.

We aim to inspire, learn and discuss best practices & good examples on recognition and rewards of education at universities on a national and international level.



  • 12.30 - Lunch and networking 
  • 13.30 - Introduction and welcome - public meeting
  • 14.00 - Break
  • 14.15 - Round 1 - subsessions
  • 15.15 - Break 
  • 15.45 - Round 2 - subsession 
  • 16.45 - Closing session 
  • 17.00 - Drinks


Subsession 1 

Session 1 - Evaluating quality of teaching
How can we evaluate the quality of teaching in a meaningful way? What is the quality of teaching? What evidence shows and contributes to the quality of education or development of a teaching professional?

Session 2 - International examples
What are good examples and policies on recognition & rewards beyond Dutch academia that are an inspiration?

Session 3 - What are drivers of teachers/educational innovators?
Moderator(s): Hans Savelberg, Jolien Mouw, Renske Bouwer, Mariëlle Hoexum
What can we learn from the motivations and drives of the pioneers who succeed in building an educational career? ComeniusNetwerk members conducted a survey among teachers about their aspirations and teacher identity. They present results and open the discussion.

Subsession 2 

Session 4 -  Dialogue on the balance between education and research
Moderators: Hanneke Hulst, Hilde Verbeek, Klaasjan Visscher
Debate on the recognition of education besides research. How to balance? And what best practices are promising?

Session 5 - Beyond the BTQ/STQ - Further professionalization trajectories of education
In Dutch academia we have developed official qualification trajectories to develop yourself as a teacher (via BTQ/STQ). What new steps can be taken to develop yourself continuously as a teacher? 

Session 6 - Awards & Grants
The Comenius Programme and The Dutch Higher Education Awards are instruments to stimulate and recognize educational development. What should be done to strengthen the effects of this program on careers? 






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